Chichester Harbour Yacht Surveys

Marine Surveyors / Yacht Surveyors - Dartmouth, Totnes, Torbay,  Paignton, Brixham and Torquay.

RP Marine Surveys are Marine Surveyors / Yacht Surveyors based in Dartmouth, Devon.  We survey yachts and motor boats locally all along the Dart, Brixham and Torquay. We use the boatyards listed below if you would like a quote for a survey or a chat please do not hesitate to ring or use one of our quote forms found on the Pre-purchase page or Insurance Surveys page.

There are 10 places that can be used to for a yacht survey along the river and creeks of the Dart, Brixham and Torquay

  1. Darthaven Marina
  2. Noss Marina
  3. Dart Marina Yacht Harbour
  4. Baltic Wharf
  5. Dartside Quay
  6. Torquay
  7. Blackness Marine
  8. Old Mill Creek Boatyard
  9. Dartmouth Quay
  10. Brixham Marina
  11. Oxen Cove

1. RP Marine Surveyors Dartmouth, Devon - Darthaven Marina, River Dart, Devon

Excellent facilities based in Kingswear directly opposite Dartmouth,  the yard can lift boats upto 40 tonnes at any state of tide.  There is a broker on site, Ancaster (01803) 752498.

Darthaven Marina
Brixham Road

If you require Yacht Surveyor at Darthaven Marina, Dartmouth, Devon please call RP Marine Surveys based in Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

2. RP Marine Surveyors Dartmouth, Devon - Noss Marina, River Dart, Devon

The yard is on the Eastern side of the Dart and can be accessed easily by using the higher ferry from Dartmouth.  The yard can lift boats upto 10 tonnes at any state of tide.   There is a broker on site, Dart Marine Sales (Network) (01803) 834 864.

Noss on Dart Marina
Bridge Road

If you require Yacht Surveyor at Darthaven Marina, Dartmouth, Devon please call RP Marine Surveys based in Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

3. RP Yacht Surveyors Dartmouth, Devon - Dart Marina Yacht Harbour, Dartmouth, Devon

Based in Dartmouth and located next to the higher ferry. There are no lift out facilities and Darthaven Marina travel lift is normally used.

If you require Yacht Surveyor at Dart Marina, Dartmouth, Devon please call RP Marine Surveys based in Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

4. Marine Surveyors Dartmouth, Devon - Baltic Wharf, Totnes, River Dart, Devon

The Totnes yard can lift boats up to 23 tonnes. Their contact number is (01803) 867922. There are brokers on site, Paul 'Yacht Brokers' and Baltic Yacht Brokerage (01803) 865412

If you require Yacht Surveyor at Dart Marina, Dartmouth, Devon please call RP Marine Surveys based in Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

5. Marine Surveyors Brixham, Devon - Dartside Quay / Brixham / Brixham Marina / Torquay Marina, Devon

Dartside Quay is run by MDL who own Brixham Marina and Torquay Marina.  Both Brixham and Torquay Marinas have no lifting facilities and Dartside quay is used mainly by its berth holders. The Yard has a 65 tonne boat lift in addition to the one shown.

Dartside Quay
Galmpton Creek

If you require Yacht Surveyor Brixham Marina, Dartside Quay, Galmpton please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

6. Marine Surveyors Torquay, Devon - Torquay Marina / Torbay Seaways Boat Yard

MDL's Torquay Marina has no lifting facilities and Dartside quay is used by its berth holders. The Yard has a 65 tonne boat lift in addition to the one shown above.  Their contact number is (01803) 845445

There is an alternative which is the local Torbay Seaways on the South Pier and Haldo Pier.  Boats upto 15 tonnes and 45 ft can be lifted for survey.  Office number (01803) 296570

If you require Yacht Surveyor at Dartside Quay, Galmpton please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

7. Marine Surveyors River Dart - Blackness Marine, River Dart, Devon

The yard has lifting out facilities on a slipway currently yacht upto approximately 40 ft and 12 tonnes can be hauled at most states of tide. Their contact numbers are (01803) 722654 / 07807 566 325

If you require Yacht Surveyor at Blackness Marine please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

8. Marine Surveyors Dartmouth - Old Mill Creek Boatyard, River Dart, Devon

Based just north of Dartmouth on the North side of Old Mill Creek, the yard has lifting out facilities. Their contact number is (01803) 832649

If you require Yacht Surveyor in Old Mill Creek nr Dartmouth please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

9. Marine Surveyors Dartmouth - Alongside the Quay, River Dart, Dartmouth, Devon

We sometime do insurance surveys of smaller boats against the quay on the drying grid. This can be organised through the harbourmaster for a small fee.

If you would like to keep cost down for an insurance survey in the river - please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

10. Marine Surveyors Brixham - Lifting for survey in Brixham Marina, Devon

Brixham Marina now has no lifting facilities (the sea lift in the first picture has been removed) and lifting for winter is done on the Dart at Dartside Quay.  Options for are pre-purchase survey are taking the boat around to the Dart or with smaller craft generally less than circa 35ft over to Torquay.  Possibilties also exist to dry against the wall in the harbour and also be lifted by the 3 tonne (?) lift in the harbour.  Both are only really suitable for re-insurance surveys.

If you need a survey in Brixham- please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

11. Marine Surveyors Brixham - Oxen Cove

Brixham Yacht Club use Oxen Cove to store their boats over winter. Re-insurance adnd pre-purchase surveys are performed with the boats blocked off over winter.

If you need a survey in Oxen Cove - please call RP Marine Surveys based in nearby Dartmouth on (01803) 770928 for a free quote.

Chichester Harbour Yacht Surveys

RP Marine Surveys are based in Dell Quay Yacht Yard, Chichester Harbour.  We use the boatyards listed below to lift and survey boats in the boundaries of Chichester Harbour.  If you would like a quote for a survey or a chat please do not hesitate to ring or use one of our quote forms found on the Pre-purchase page or Insurance Renewal Surveys page.

List of Marinas and boatyards in Chichester Harbour where boats can be surveyed.

  1. Chichester Marina
  2. Dell Quay Yacht Yard
  3. Birdham Pool Marina
  4. Bosham Yacht Company, Bosham Quay
  5. Northney Marina
  6. Hayling Yacht Company
  7. Wilsons Boatyard & Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club
  8. Emsworth Yacht Harbour
  9. Thornham Marina & Paynes Boatyard
  10. Northshore Boatyard
  11. Haines Boatyard & Itchenor
  12. Wyche Marine
  13. Sparkes Marina & Hayling Island Sailing Club.

1. Chichester Marina

The yard can has 2 travel hoists and can lift boats uptoboats upto 60 tonnes. There are 'lift for survey' deals, usually over lunch but can be arranged overnight.  The marina's number is (01243) 512731.

There is a broker on site, Opal Marine (01243) 511381

2. Dell Quay Yacht Yard

RP Marine Surveys base.  The friendly yard can handle boats upto 15 tonnes and 42' feet in length. There are tidal constraints. The yard has experience in all types of repair including osmosis treatments. Phone, Steve, Kevin or Penny on (01243) 785954.

3. Birdham Pool Marina

Birdham Pool, in Chichester harbour provide lift for facilities for craft upto 20 tonnes and a draft of 2m, either on a launch trolley or crane. Phone Trish on (01243) 512310.

2 brokers on site are RBS Marine on (01243) 512101 dealing in Rodman Boats and Boatshed on (01243)  211246

4. Bosham Yacht Company, Bosham Quay

The Bosham Yacht Co. provides lifting and storage facilities.  They are found in the car park in Bosham.  Contact Tim Cath on 01243 513345 Mobile: 07979 903241

Boat insurance renewal surveys have been performed on the Bosham Quay between tides.  Harbourmaster Michael McGrail 01243 573336

5. Northney Marina

Northney Marina on Hayling Island, Chichester Harbour.  Lifting facilities and hard standing for the survey of boats upto 35 tonnes.  Marina office 02392 466321.

Brokers on site: Network 02392 637466, Boatshed 02392 001256

6. Hayling Yacht Company


Hayling yacht company have hauling facilities for craft upto 18m and 30 tonnes. There are tidal constraints. Boatyard office 02392 463592

7. Wilsons Boatyard & Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club

Wilsons Boatyard, in Chichester harbour provide haul out facilities for yachts and motorboats. There is hard standing for multihulls and bilge keeler to be surveyed between tides. Boatyard office 02392 63726. There is a broker on site Hayling Marine 02392 7266

Surveys have been performed between tides on the hard in front of Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club usually for members selling or re-insuring their boats.

8. Emsworth Yacht Harbour

Emsworth Yacht Harbour, in Chichester harbour provide lift ouit facilities for craft upto 40 tonnes and a draft of 2m. Marina office (01243) 377727.

The broker on site is Slipway Marine.  Phone Jeremy on (01243) 375403

9. Thornham Marina & Paynes Boatyard

Thornham Marina, Emsworth, in Chichester harbour provide haul out facilities for yachts and motorboats from a locked in pool. Marina office 01243 375335.

Surveys have been performed in the members only (by invitation) Paines Boatyard for members selling or re-insuring their boats.

10. Northshore Boatyard

There are lifting facilities in Northshore (01243) 512611, usually reserved for Northshore clients with Southerlies, Vancouvers, Fishers, MG Springs etc.

11. Haines Boatyard & Itchenor

For smaller craft Haines boatyard have hauling facilities. Phone Mike Andrews on (01243) 512228

It is possible to survey craft on the drying piles in Itchenor which are provided by Chichester Harbour Conservancy (01243) 512301

12. Wyche Marine

For smaller bilge keel craft drying opposite Wyche marine is possible.  Phone Roddy on (01243) 782768

13. Sparkes Marina & Hayling Island Sailing Club

Sparkes have a 40 tonne crane that can be used to lift for survey with no tidal constraints.  Marina Office 02392 463572

Surveys have been performed in Hayling Island Sailing Club on boats the hardstanding, for members selling or re-insuring their cruising boats. HISC 02392 463768


Laura & Phil

Najad 361 Survey, Dartmouth Devon - boat being sailed back to New Zealand.

Hi Roger, We just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to go through the survey with you a few weeks ago. Your patience and advice were invaluable.We're off to pick up Lufi finally today and can't wait to get stuck in! Thanks again!




Bavaria 40, Dartmouth


Dear Roger, I must thank you for a very professional report on XXXXX and more so for the time you have taken over and above discussing the various issues with this yacht.

While I appreciated the issues are repairable, the cost of doing so to the correct standard soon mounts up, the turning point in the deal for me, was once I got the vendor to accept the issues reported he would not reduce the price to allow the work to be completed by Darthaven as you recommended, but wanted to repair the yacht himself!   I think this answered the questions of why there were so many issues with this yacht! If he is the marine engineer he reports to be why did he not attend to them before, this then started to raise doubt in my mind about this yacht so in the end I was relived to walk away. Following all this he asked again for your report so he could see what he needed to attend to before the next person had a survey!

I take away from this a very positive learning curve in buying a yacht and again thank you for your assistance



Vancouver 34 Insurance Survey, Dartmouth, Devon

Hi Roger
Great to meet you too. Thank you again for coming down on a Sunday, it is much appreciated. It was interesting and very instructive to talk through things as they arose. I hope that it wasn't too much of a pain having me looking over your shoulder.I thought your report was very clear, fair and well presented. I will send it on to GJW and take it from there. In the meantime I'll get on with the hoses, fire extinguishers and cleats/fairleads.  If I were to proceed with the Welsh Nauticat 43 what would your price be for a pre-purchase survey ......
Kind regards




Nauticat 43 Survey, Neyland, Wales

Hi Roger
Thank you for all your hard work on that. It is an epic tome! I've spoken to the broker and discussed various ways forward. I'm putting off until Monday a decision on what to do but I got the distinct impression that there could be movement on the price based on proper in-the-water testing of the engine. I may still go ahead if the price is right, fool that I am. .... 
Kind regards




Beneteau Antares 42, Brighton Marina (Boat bought unseen - shipped to Hong Kong)

Hi Roger
Thank you for the survey, it was comprehensive and well presented.  I was wondering if you would be willing to act as my agent to take delivery of the vessel ......
Kind regards




Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 Survey, Dartmouth, Devon

Hello Roger
Thank you very much for your time and advice last week and for your report. All very helpful ..... so all we need now is a good weather window in the New Year. In the meantime Freya is back at Dart Marina and Dave is keeping his eye on her.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Kind regards




Contessa 32 Insurance Survey, Weir Quay

Dear Roger
Thank you very much for your thorough examination of Metula and for your detailed and helpful report which is very professionally worded. I shall not hesitate to recommend you in future.
Kind regards



Brig 645 Survey, Wolf Rock, Devon (buying unseen boat transported to Ireland)

Delighted - superb- you were correct- I'm not disappointed. Ring you shortly.




Sealine F46 Survey, Dartmouth Devon

You are a star - many thanks for getting this done so quickly with no notice - really appreciate your support - Gone through the report and delighted with the thorough & quality of the work 
Many thanks



Mark, Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy

Feeling 286 Survey,Plymouth

Thank you for the prompt and very comprehensive report.
I am going to push ahead with the purchase of the boat as there is nothing there that worries me, and as I am sure you can guess I can do the majority of the work myself.
Many thanks for you time with the survey, I was very impressed by the thoroughness of it and the report, and I will be recommending your services.
Best regards,



Elan Impression 344 Survey, Chichester

Hi Roger
Many thanks for a thorough, and very instructive survey today. Head is still reeling and I will have to hit the manuals!
I look forward to seeing your full report.
Best Regards



Merry Fisher Survey, Baltic Wharf, Totnes (Cambridge University Proffessor's first boat)

Dear Roger
Thanks for that. I've done a bit of homework since my previous message, and can see that this is indeed largely routine maintenance.
Your report was very clear and helpful, so many thanks. And you should have received my bank transfer!




Survey of Bowman 46, Exeter followed immediately by Nicholson 40AC in Beaulieu (Barrister gently let down on his 1st dream boat and consequently helped to find another dream boat)

Morning Roger,
I trust you to are up early writing glowing things about Sea Thyme. It was a good few days wasn't it - I learnt a load thank you.   I am off to the boat today to meet the owner and to sign various things.I have completed your contract and find myself thoroughly stitched up again!   I have sent the money. I take it the Bowman's owner's partner, was realistic - nice chap when I spoke to him.   Hard news to take when you find your boat is terminally ill.   Let me know if and when you find outs where GRP boats go to when they die.   Is there a massive landfill site somewhere do you think?  Anyway many thanks, you undoubtedly saved me a nightmare and a fortune in both time and money and I am very grateful.   Job well done. Keep in touch.
Warm regards.



Paul & Sue

Survey Sealine SC35 Brixham

Dear Roger,
I am in receipt of your excellent survey - I have to say that it is most thorough and informative, and be assured that I will be delighted to recommend your services in future. The engine report has revealed a few minor issues (breather hoses and cooler covers) which will be resolved. I have also decided to replace the left leg bellows as well as the right whilst it's out of the water and to keep things 'in synch'. Thanks once again and very kind regards




Southerly 100 Survey, Dartmouth Devon

Many thanks, Roger. Seems very comprehensive. I'm keen to go ahead.
Best wishes




Beneteau Oceanis 381 Clipper, Dartmouth, Devon

Thanks, that's pretty comprehensive! Nicely presented too. Do you think I could be cheeky and request a copy of the photos you took? I can't extract them from the PDF. 




LM 27 Yacht Survey Brixham, Torbay, Devon

Hi Roger
Just a quick word to say ‘thank you' for your very detailed report and also that we are now the proud owners of the boat.




Arvor 230 Survey Blackness Marine, River Dart

Hi Roger
Thank you for that full and educating survey. Haven't got any questions concerning the Boat, but waiting on the others to go through it. But for now thanks for your professional service.




Sealine S41 Survey, Dartmouth

Roger - all as discussed on Thursday, excellent report - Thanks again for all you knowledge and professionalism




Westerly Pentland Survey, Brixham

Hi Roger, 
Really enjoyed meeting you too and grateful for the time you took explaining things to me. Good to meet another ex glider flyer at that! Report looks excellent and really helpful. It will come as no surprise that I am buying the boat, and hopefully by Easter time I should have her round in Falmouth and I look forward to many hours, days, months, sailing her. May be you will spot me up Diddisham during the season, if so, come and say hello.
Many thanks for your help




Hallsberg Rassy 94 Kutter,  Dartmouth

Dear Roger,
I have now had the time to read your report and very good it is too.
Thank you very much. I have no particular questions, she is very much as I expected, though I am , of course, grateful that you found no nasty surprises.
Many thanks and my kind regards




Alan Hill Designed Coaster 33 South Coast

Many thanks for the report Roger - and I'm sorry that you had to conduct the survey in such appalling weather. Further to our discussion this morning on the basis of your findings we have now pulled out of the purchase of ‘XXXXXXX'.  I have shared the conclusions page with the owner, but haven't released the report - they didn't seem too interested so I didn't bother. I did mention this morning that I had a couple of small queries with the report but as they have become irrelevant and I haven't shared the full report I won't worry any further, unless the owners come back.  Also as mentioned, we are now looking at another vessel, which I will write to you separately on shortly.Thanks again for your assistance and endurance!
Kind regards




Trintella IV for sale in Holland

Dear Roger,
It occurred to me yesterday that I hadn't contacted you since we spoke or since I received the survey you did on XXXXX in Holland. Having read it through in some detail, I was generally very satisfied with the boat's condition and all that you said about it. I negotiated a hefty discount on the price which I thought was satisfactory and completed payment yesterday. I'm spending time aboard soon attending to some of the vital works, the yard in Brouwershaven are doing the lion's share. With fair winds and a bit of luck we will be bringing her back to her new berth in the UK during the Easter weekend. I will be in touch once she is here and we could share a drink aboard to celebrate. Many thanks for a great job.
Best Wishes




Fisher 34, Drivers Wharf, Southampton.

Hi Roger,
Just a short note by way of an update since we last spoke.  We did indeed go ahead with the purchase of Mallard following your endorsement on the vessel.  We have a fortnight to sail her back to our home port, Burnham-on-Crouch, and have plans to visit a number of places around the Solent and the south coast - no fixed plan as of yet and much will depend on weather of course. If you're around anywhere over the next week let us know and we'll see if we can meet up for a beer.  If we don't get to meet I would like to thank you again for your assistance in finding the right vessel.
Kind regards




Westerly Centaur Insurance Survey, Baltic Wharf, Totnes

Thank you Roger. I'm pleased you started off with the good bits.... actually, it doesn't make too terrifying reading. I've booked a rigging inspection and will talk to Dave next time I'm at the yard.
Best wishes and thanks again



Mel and Peter

Moody 35 pre-purchase survey,  Dartside Quay - River Dart

Dear Roger,
Thank you very much for your help with all the queries on Wednesday and the excellent report and for getting back with it so quickly. It will be a really useful reference point in terms of future work.




Regal 28 Survey Paignton, Devon

Many thanks for an excellent report and valuation. It was a pleasure spending part of the day with you and I will certainly recommend you to others.


dart dash


Pre-Purchase Survey of a Contessa 32 in Dartmouth

Dear Roger

I am pleased with your extensive report and will attend to all of your recommendations over the coming months. Like the MOT for cars this survey highlights matters, that, for safety, need attention.

When I have re-read your report again there may be a couple of questions that I would like help with so will come back to you in due course.

Regards & thank you.



Alastair & Cheryl

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS Pre-purchase survey 

Hi Roger,

I wanted to thank you for the survey you undertook for us recently, and to let you know how things are going. We are proceeding with the purchase, with the seller putting in another £15k or so of work to bring the boat up to scratch (full re-rigging, new batteries x10, bilge pump - more than 20 items in all). We have you to thank for that. And with your additional observations and suggestions for remedial work in the coming years, we feel we have a good handle on what is to come.

Good news: we sent the sails off to a local loft for cleaning and inspection - the sails have some grease stains from an over-lubricated mast, and a little Sahara sand staining from sitting in the mast “almost unused since new". Thus with the patching of the stained area, we have sails that the sail loft say are of high quality (for cruising) and fit for "maybe 10 years of careful cruising use". We couldn’t believe our luck!

Thanks again for your comprehensive report and followup discussion, we are delighted with the outcome and couldn’t be happier with your help.

Best wishes


feeling 286 web


Insurance Survey of a Feeling 286 in Saltash Sailing Club

Thanks again for you time, I will gladly recommend you to fellow club members so do remember to pop some card in if you are passing.

Kind regards


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