International Institute of Marine Surveying

Boat Valuation

Valuation are required for probate, divorce settlements, marine mortgages, yacht purchase, revaluing after a major refit or insurance reasons.  A valuation considers current market conditions, general condition, location, age, engine use, quality of build, inventory of installed equipment, selling price of sister ships.

Insurance valuations should reflect the replacement cost of the vessel in the event of a total loss, and can be higher than the average selling price of similar vessels, when the boat is in above average condition or has above average equipment levels, e.g. a long distance liveboard. Valuations for a marine mortgage are focused on the value the craft would be expected to make if offered for resale of the vessel under current market conditions. The value is used by the lender when assessing their security on the loan.

RP Marine Ltd provides a written formal independent market valuation statement after an inspection of the boat.

Charged at £119 flat rate or £59 at the end of a Insurance/Pre-Purchase Surveys.

Boat Management

We can offer a full boat management service, from recommending and overseeing upgrades and routine maintenance to ensuring your craft is turn key ready to go on your arrival.

If you have other commitments and require professional management and overseeing of maintenance/work schedules for your craft we can provide an independent reasonably priced alternative to trusting that a yard will advise and perform work to a good standard.

Charged from £30/hr.

Boat Damage Report

We can quickly provide an independent  damage report, when the craft has been involved in an incident.  Where an insurance company appointed surveyor will be representing the interests of the insurance company, we will independently represent yours.

Charged from £50/hr.

Boat Winter Work Lists

We can provide owners with a winter work list, by professionally examining your boat and providing you with a recommended repair, upgrade and routine maintenance lists to keep your boat safe and in good condition.  Inspections are similar to a full survey inspection but the lists are for the owners use only.  If subsequently a insurance renewal survey is required we can offer a suitable discount.

Charged from at £99 for craft less than 30' and £149 for craft less than 40'.

Hull & Structural Survey

When a full condition survey is not thought necessary, a more limited hull and structural survey may be commissioned. Such as a refit project or a nearly new craft that has been known to have been damaged or that is still in warranty. Sometimes this is performed for cost considerations however be careful that future insurance of the vessel does not need a more comprehensive survey.

Charged from £6 per foot.

New Boat Pre-Delivery Inspections

Experience has shown that new crafts often have many faults. A recent inspection of a £360,000 craft revealed a leaking stern tube, excessive vibration under power and a overly stiff gearshift resulting in a new gearbox being fitted. These were in addition to a host of other small faults.

We can produce a snag list pre-delivery so that any  warranty issues can be addressed before you have sailed away and any issues become very inconvenient.

Charged from £35/hr

Boat Osmosis Check / Overseeing Osmosis Treatment

Our surveyors will inspect the craft and give expert advise on the condition of  the substrate condition and advise on remedial work. 

We can oversee any work ensuring recommended procedures are followed correctly and moisture level are monitored correctly etc.

Charged from £6 per foot initial inspection and £35/hr for supervisoy role.


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