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Survey of a Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 in Darthaven Marina, Devon

Swift Trawler 34 Survey    Swift Trawler 34 Survey Report

A fantastic layout for easy berthing and comfotable cruising.  Surveyed well with only minor defects noted - lack of hull anode causing de-zincification/pitting on the P Bracket being one of them.

Buyers Comments: 'Hello Roger. Thank you very much for your time and advice last week and for your report. All very helpful.
I'm going back to Ancasta today on the various issues which I hope can be resolved very quickly'

Survey of a Jeanneau Prestige 36 in Darthaven Marina, Devon.

Yacht Surveyor Jeanneau Prestige 36    Dartmouth Motor Boat Sea Trial for Survey

Our yacht surveyor in Dartmouth takes a Jeanneau Prestige 36 out of Darthaven Marina on the Dart in Devon for sea trials.  The twin Volvo KAMD 300-A's performed well pushing the boat over 28knots with 3900rpm achieved with Wide Open Throttles.  The compressors (superchargers) cut in and out at the expected 1500rpm and 2800rpm easily getting the 'hole'.

Buyers Comments: 'Thank you very much for your comprehensive survey report on '.........'.

Yacht Survey of a 2008 Beneteau Oceanis 46

Yacht Survey of Beneteau Oceanis 46

Recently we performeded a boat survey on a Beneteau Oceanis 46 in Chichester Marina.  Now superceeded by the Beneteau Oceanis 45 the 46 surveyed well, with only some usual issues arising :- e.g. seacocks and Blistering on the rudder.

Buyers Comments: 'Roger - thanks - I have limited comms today - any show stoppers?'

Yacht Survey on a refitted Van De Stadt Victory 40

Van De Stadt Victory 40 Survey

We are experts in our field; however when it comes to the Van De Stadt design Victory 40 / Trintella IV we have unparralleled experience as our principal yacht surveyor owns one!

Clients Comments: 'Hi Roger Many thanks for the report, it is excellent - much appreciated !'

Survey on a Meridian 31 Motorsailer in Noss Marina, Devon.

Meridian 31 Motorsailor in Noss Marina River Dart Devon

Buyers Comments: 'It was a great pleasure to meet you, also, and thank you very much for a most interesting and comprehensive survey. Having been in the business for some 4-5 years, as I outlined to you, I have seen many surveys conducted, including that when I sold my Centaur, and have,unfortunately gained a rather cynical view of your profession; a view that you have managed to completely reverse in the course of a single day! You have pointed up a number of areas which I wouldn't have even considered and I shall take great care to ensure that all your recommendations are carried out to the letter.  I will ceretainly contact you if any queries arise during the refit process and may well call on you to inspect the work and make any additional recommendations when the boat is at Hayling Yacht Co.In the meantime, thank you again for attending so promptly and for your efficiency in producing the report and valuation; I shall mostcertainly recommend you to anyone who enquires!

With kind regards, Tony and Rosie

Survey on a Windy 28 Ghibli, Devon.

Survey on a Windy 28 Ghibli in Salcombe, Devon.

We provided a survey report for a Norweigan on a Windy Ghibli.  The craft was on its way back to Norway where she was originally built.

Survey on a Salcombe Trader 27 in Lincombe Boatyard (Winters Marine), Salcombe Devon.

Salcombe Trader 27 Survey in Lincombe Boatyard Salcombe Devon

Recently surveyed a beautiful yacht, built by Tideway Boat Construction in Salcombe along the lines of a traditional working boat designed by Barry Pritchard.

Yacht Surveys on Boats by David and Martin Sadler.

Sadler 29 Survey in MDL's Dartside Quay on the Dart in Devon      

We have recently had a straight run of routine insurance surveys on Sadlers.  A Sadler 25 in Birdham Pool followed by a Sadler 32 in Chichester Marina which were designed by David Sadler and then a late build (1992) unsinkable Sadler 29 designed by Martin Sadler which was the best 20 year old boat we have seen to date. 

Interstingly the run was then followed by a pre-purchase survey on an old Contessa 26 in our other base Dartmouth which was based on a folkboat designed by David Sadler and built by Jeremy Rodgers now based in Lymington.  On the subject of Contessa's a friend of ours has just made a documentary on the Contessa 32. The preview can be seen on YouTube and can be purchased on Ebay 'A British Yachting Icon, Contessa 32' made by Chilli Pepper TV.  It includes interviews with David Sadler now living in New Zealand and Jeremy Rodgers MBE and is an interesting watch for owners and admirers of the Contessa 32.

Using the Sealift in Haslar Marina in Gosport for a Yacht Survey

Sealift at Haslar Marina in Gosport

We have recently surveyed an old Westerly Cirrus on the Sealift in Haslar Marina.  It proved to be a very efficient way of lifting the boat.  The main advantages are no chance of putting a sling on the prop shaft or propeller. 

Client buying a Southerly 105 Subject to Survey

Southerly 105 lift for survey    Keel Replacement on a Southerly 105      

Pre-purchase Boat survey at Hayling Island Yacht Company, Hayling Island

Main Survey Findings: Large lateral movement of keel when fully lowered.  Worn pivot pin and bearing housing, probably caused by leaking ram allowing the keel to lower into mud when tide rising.  Also heavily leaking face seal and dangerous gas installation, amongst a long list of more routine recommendations.

Follow Up:  Sale fell through but owner in possession of the survey, rectified faults including a full keel removal and refurbishment of the bearing and housing. The craft is now used as a teaching boat for a charity in the Solent.

Client buying a 320 Sundancer Subject to Survey

Searay Sundancer






Boat Survey in Holland
Main Survey Findings: Minor recommendations, imported boat from the States needing CE Marking.

Client buying a Westerly Centaur Subject to Survey

Westerly Centaur

Pre-purchase Boat survey at Dell Quay

Main Survey Findings: A good example of its type, much of usual work needed had been addressed, keel bolt backing plates, keel stub web, new engine, new rudder tube, new fuel tank.   Recommendations were generally to do with pipework and unfortunately the craft had osmotic blistering.  Owner and buyer present during the survey.
 Follow Up:  Sale re-negotiated to reflect osmosis treatment needed in the future.  50/50 on quoted price is often the compromise accepted by both parties. Owner was not aware the craft had osmotic blistering - it's not always obvious, but the fact that we, with the buyer's permission showed him the blistering (mainly between the keels) undoubtedly helped the private sale.  No hard feelings from the seller as has instructed RP Marine Surveys to conduct survey of his next boat a Westerly Konsort in Gillingham Kent.

Client buying a Beneteau 423 Clipper 2005 Model.  Subject to Survey

Beneteau 423 Clipper Survey

Pre-purchase Boat survey at Swanick Marina, Southampton

Main Survey Findings: Boat required a new rudder bearing. More worryingly the hose tail fitting on the raw water lubrication pipe for the stern gland had completely dezincified and sheared off under examination.  This has been  noted on other models of beneteau of a similar age and the hose tail fitting are of a inferior grade of bronze - most likely they are made of tonval.  Further there were chaffed fuel line due to poor routing on installation.


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