International Institute of Marine Surveying

Need a boat survey report for insurance renewal ? Book a quick, competitively priced survey.

Insurance Picture - Boat chocked ready for inspection Condition surveys on older crafts are periodically required by insurance companies. The survey can be viewed as an onerous requirement by the owner, however our reports are designed to be useful, including non-essential work including 'Best Practise' advise and service intervals for systems and installations.

The survey can give peace of mind in regards to safety. It may provide an owner with a prioritised work list of jobs, some of which were perhaps already known some of which maybe weren’t. 

We will report on the accessible areas of the craft. Any defects found will be graded as to what is essential work required to gain insurance. The craft needs to be examined whilst out of the water only, it is not necessary to revisit the craft after the survey unless requested by the owner.

RP Marine Surveys - Sample PageIf your insurer doesn't want to see a condition survey on an old craft, perhaps you should investigate why. If the condition is not important, is it because old or worn items are not insured.

Our reports are accepted by all marine insurance underwriters. We are experienced, reasonable and friendly.  We are always available for informal chats for advise relating to the survey or indeed in the future regarding any new installations or problems that may arise that are unrelated to the original survey.

We have a competitive local pricing policy and reports can be presented quickly to help enable the boat to gain insurance.  Please ring or use the quote form opposite for further information.



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