International Institute of Marine Surveying


Contract Limitations

The valuation assumes a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being compelled to buy or sell.
The valuation excludes any V.A.T or brokers fees.
The valuation assumes that the craft would be sold in the UK.
The surveyor will not be liable for any shortfall of any sale proceeds of the vessel under the valuation given.
The valuation is for the date of the inspection given above and cannot reflect future variations in market conditions.
The craft's value is estimated on the condition as found and does not reflect any future preparation for sale or deterioration.
The Title, CE marking status and V.A.T status of the vessel were not checked and as such the valuation is only on the assumption that these are in order.
The engine/equipment was not trialled. The inspection is in no way meant to represent a condition survey.
The valuation is on the assumption that no major problems are brought up on any survey of the vessel.

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